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This is the kind of nonsense that makes me crazy (as a Christian and an American). This video is offensive in a number of ways:

1 – The idea that we need to put Jesus back (because we have had a black, secret Muslim president for 8 years?) in the White House assumes that Jesus was ever actually there. In my world view, the more a president does to bring religion into the White House, the more skeptical I am about him. Remember, it was Richard Nixon who initiated regular religious activities in the White House. It was Ronald Reagan who received the vote from the “Moral Majority” after Jimmy Carter -an actual practicing Christian – disappointed them by believing that all people should have equal rights.

2 – Moving the flag over so a cross is on top of the White House is unpatriotic! Hanging it on the front of it is like watching hedonistic pop singers dangle the cross from their necks – is it about faith or just for show? How would Christians feel about a Jewish Star or any other religious symbol being placed instead of the flag? (Not great, I think).

3 – Jesus was not a white guy! There were many different kinds of people in his background – Africans, Middle Easterners, all kinds of people – but, as far as we know, no Europeans. I know that movies do this to us – Jesus is almost always portrayed with white features, light brown or blond hair, and light eyes – but movies are make believe. Jesus was Semitic, not an Anglo – why is this so hard for us to accept?

Then we have Pat Robertson (of the 700 Club) saying that he had a vision in which he saw Donald Trump at the right hand of God (!!!)  If DT is there, where did Jesus go? This isn’t about any person or party – it is about placing someone where they should not be placed. How many viewers of the 700 Club will believe this blasphemy?

Using any kind of religion to promote a political agenda is dangerous at best. We who are followers of Jesus need to focus on issues, not people or parties. We cannot endorse, defend, or castigate any person or political party – we must only look at the moral issues around those kinds of things. We have freedom of religion so that we may worship freely, object when government is oppressive, and protect those who are being oppressed. These examples above are not only dangerous, they are wrong.

Peace! The Rev. Dr. Steve Ohnsman, PhD., Pastor of Calvary UCC, Reading, PA netti-ruletti

Author: Pastor Steve Ohnsman