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ONA flag and SteveWorship is joyful and fun — There’s no good reason to miss out (unless you are sick or have to work or are away or unable to leave home). Join us!

This Week at Calvary:

 I AM BACK! Glad to have had a month Sabbatical, but am really glad to be with all of you! Here is what is happening this week at Calvary:

Wednesday – 6pm – Celebration of Life and Resurrection for Minerva Lindemuth in the Sanctuary

8pm – Calvary Choral Practice

Thursday -7pm – Consistory

Sunday – It is Pentecost! 8am – Acoustic Worship with the Eucharist

9 – Sunday School and Adult Forum – the Last Week until the Sunday after Labor Day Weekend!

10:30 (Moves to 9:30 next Week!) – Worship with both the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Baptism of Christopher Immendorf – reception will follow in the Pine Room.

Interfaith/Ecumenical Connections – We are a unique congregation when it comes to our work with others. We have welcomed 5 other congregations to nest in our building:

Path of Holiness (a Pentecostal Spanish Language Congregation)

All Soul’s (an Ecumenical Catholic Congregation)

Shalom 7th Day Adventists (Spanish Language)

In His Hands (a 12 Step gathering)

Iglesia Pentecostal El Neuvo (a Pentecostal Spanish Language Congregation)

+ We also work with the congregations of NW Reading on a number of activities during the year. The belief that we all may be one is alive at Calvary.