This is not about politics – this is about being Un-Christian. It is, though, about politicians; governors, in fact, who claim to be Christians but behave as if they aren’t. They do what many like them have done; they use Jesus for personal gain, pretending to be followers of the Prince of Peace while behaving like followers of the Prince of Darkness. They don’t have to do this; they have chosen freely to emulate evil while shunning good, to use the old language. They could have used words rather than people; they could have used intelligence rather than vindictiveness. They are Governors Abbott of Texas, DeSantis of Florida, and Ducey of Arizona. 

You probably know what they have been doing; they have been taking illegal immigrants and shipping them north. Take that in – they are taking people from one country and transporting them to another country (sounds like what slavers did, doesn’t it?). It sounds like (I am not a lawyer, so this is conjecture) human trafficking. I don’t disagree that the situation at our southern border has been, for many years, a total mess; there is no denying that the flow of humanity trying to escape suffering is overwhelming. It is ironic that these anti-federal government governors are doing this because they say they aren’t getting enough help from – the federal government. But this isn’t about that. This is about these three allegedly Christian men doing the opposite of the teachings of Jesus. They are Un-Christian.

They could have had a huge rally and invited northern states to share the load of caring for the tired and poor from our neighbors to the south. They could have called on the mega-churches with their millions of dollars and thousands of members to lend a hand. Instead, they chose to behave like slavers, transporting helpless, confused families across the country; some with bags of clothing and no place to go, dumped on the sidewalk like trash. Thankfully, there were real people of faith in these distant states ready and willing to feed and house these poor souls until suitable accommodations could be made. The evil intent of the Un-Christians has been foiled by actual followers of God.

This isn’t about politics; this is about fake Christians perpetrating evil acts. This about loud-mouthed hypocrites treating men, women and children like cattle. This is about self-centered, hypocritical presidential wanna-bes using innocent people to gain votes from equally self-centered hypocrites. You want to vote with your faith at the center of your decisions? That’s a good idea – for me, I will vote for people who treat others as if they are created in God’s image. I will vote for people who put country before party and goodness before evil. This isn’t about politics; this is about being faithful or faithless. These three governors have chosen the latter. They have chosen to be Un-Christian. They have chosen to deny their faith. Now, we know exactly who they serve. And it isn’t God.

Prayer – Forgive us if we stray, God of the immigrant and those who suffer. Allow us to repent when we do the opposite of what You desire. Amen.