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Calvary United Church of Christ


When I came to Calvary in 1999, I told the congregation that someday we would stop using paper for newsletters and deliver it by email and by posting it on our website. This is finally going to happen – now. If you don’t have email, we will send it in the mail, or if email…
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Daily Thoughts

An abstract and surreal artwork with fire

Living in the Past

Why do we love the past so much? I don’t mean history; loving history would be a good thing for…

An artwork of different emotions of human

Lazarus and the Rich Man

Years ago, we found out that we could fly to Florida, rent a car, and spend two weeks on Sanibal…

A beautiful written pattern of a vintage background

Unasked for Prayer

Some time ago I told the story of a gentleman who came to see me talk, and it turned out…

An artwork and illustration of Greed by James Perez

Greed (Again?!?)

Our music — Money – it’s a drag. Money – that’s what I want. Money, Money, Money, Money…Money! Jesus? You…

A beautiful artwork with vivid color patterns

Toxic Religion

It has always been amazing to me that the same religion that could produce St. Francis of Assisi and George…

An artwork that depicts hell and heaven

Walk a Mile

When I moved to Reading, PA from Cincinnati, OH, I brought a program called “The Breakfast Club” with me. This…

An artwork that depicts surreal and horror

So Afraid

Why are we so afraid to admit that America was founded and built on racism? Historians know it. People of…

An artwork with different bright colors

Curing Self-Deception

Between this afternoon and Thursday, I will be attending a clergymen’s retreat with a group that is mostly white, middle…

Look at Me!

I often hear people my age complaining about older Gen Z and younger Gen Y – people 15-30 – in…

The Bishop’s Wife

A year after “It’s a Wonderful Life” made its lukewarm debut, “The Bishop’s Wife” (1947) was released with much fanfare.…


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