Wednesday – 6:30pm – Bell Rehearsal / 7pm – Choir Rehearsal

Sunday – Worship at 8am in the Chapel and 10:30am in the Sanctuary/ Adult Forum at 9am 

+ Family Faith Formation starting with lunch on January 26th – we will be done by 2 – this is our Christian Education program for all ages – all are welcome to learn together!

+ Christian Education Workshop led by Betsy Majewski. Held in the Pine Room from 2:30-4:30


When I came to Calvary in 1999, I told the congregation that someday we would stop using paper for newsletters and deliver it by email and by posting it on our website. This is finally going to happen – now. If you don’t have email, we will send it in the mail, or if email doesn’t work for you, let us know, and we will mail it to you by snail mail. It is my hope that this accomplish a number of things:
1 – Save us money and the hassle of dealing with postal problems.
2 – Allow us to get the news to you faster and more often.
3 – Save some trees and help the environment.
Let us know what you think – we want you to be informed so that you can be more active in the life of the church. I look forward to your comments.


• Friday, Nov 8 – 7-9pm John Pavlovitz speaking/ Q&A/ Book signing here at Calvary. Event is free but registration is required.
• Saturday, Nov 9 – 10-2pm Workshop at First Unitarian Universalist Church ($25 includes lunch)

• Adult Forum meets on Sunday at 9am, and we have some great discussions coming up. Put on your calendar to be present November 10, 17 and December 8 when Dr. Jennifer Koosid from the Religious Studies Department of Albright College will be our speaker

Sunday, Nov 17 – Our next Family Faith Formation. We meet after the 10:30am service and start with a great lunch made by Ed Guldin & friends. This is our Christian Education program for all ages – from 5 years old to 105. Why not give it a try? Sunday, Dec 22 will be the last one for 2019.
Sunday, Nov 17 – The fall meeting of the Pennsylvania SE Conference

will be held at Ursinus College. Registration begins at 2:30pm & the meeting is from 3-5pm. We need two people to represent us. Let me know if you are interested!
Wednesday, Nov 20, 7pm – Reading Pride Transgender National Day of Remembrance – 
here at Calvary in the sanctuary. Refreshments to follow service in the Pine Room.
Thursday, Nov 21, 7pm Consistory in church office.
Sunday, Nov 24 – The day we decorate for Advent! Please consider staying after the 10:30am service to help. It should only take about 30 minutes – more hands make the work shorter!

Tuesday, Nov 26, 10:15am – Bible study at the Highlands
Tuesday, Nov 26, 7-9pm – Spirit on Tap, Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, Reading. “How Early Interactions with Native Americans Shaped American Culture” with Dr. Nancy Omaha Boy
Thursday, Nov 28 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, Dec 1 – First Sunday in Advent! Holy Communion at both services. The annual congregation budget meeting will be after the 2nd service. .
~Our guest organist – Jackie Wilson (2019 graduate of Exeter HS)
Tuesday, Dec 3, 7pm – Monthly Bible Study. Location to be decided.

Sunday, Dec 8, 12-5pm – We are part of the Centre Park Christmas Tour!
Please sign up to be a host for an hour that afternoon – 2 per hour would be best!

Sunday, Dec 8 is also White Gift Sunday – we invite you to bring a gift or gift card from the approved list for Bethany Children’s Home and wrap it in the white side of the wrapping paper (they unwrap to check, so don’t spend a lot of time or money on it!)
Sunday, Dec 15, after the 2nd service –
The annual Calvary Christmas Lunch!
Location & cost to be decided soon.

Thursday, Dec 19 – Consistory at 7pm
Sunday, December 22 – The 4th Sunday in Advent. This is our special Harp Service at 10:30am. Always a great musical experience.
Family Faith Formation will take place after, beginning with lunch!
Tuesday, Dec 24 – ALMOST CHRISTMAS!
We will be having services that include candles, Communion and carols at 7pm and 10:30pm. We are discussing having a service at 3 or 4 pm. We will let you know as soon as we get more responses.

A Special Holiday Collection for Bethany Children’s Home
Please consider joining us in helping youth who will be residing at Bethany Children’s Home this holiday season. Through your special gifts you will create new positive memories in their life. For many this will be their first Christmas with personal gifts.
We kindly ask that all items are new. Suggestions are: Activity Items such as arts and crafts kits, adult coloring books, paint-by-number, tie dye kits, paint brushes, stress balls, gel pens, board games, Lego sets. Also, Cottage Needs such as small bins to hold toiletries, wash cloths, bed pillows, twin sheet sets, twin zippered waterproof mattress pads, twin comforters, bath towels, flashlights & nightlights. More suggestions: 1-5 reading level books, jigsaw puzzles, hard bound journals and board games. Gift cards to support independent learning skills: Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hobby Lobby and Ross.

11/2 Barbara Peronteau
11/2 Christian Paul Kulpcavage
11/3 Janet Neel
11/3 Heather Graeff
11/4 John Frymoyer
11/5 Nadine Embree
11/5 Lisa DiPasquale
11/7 Kendra Reber
11/9 Philip Hall
11/10 Donna Hall
11/14 Judith Masleh
11/15 Sylvia Andrulevich
11/18 Nancy Kuhlman
11/18 Ann Naugle
11/19 Karen Humphrey
11/21 Jack Gassert
11/21 Joelle Harakel
11/21 Laura Knapp
11/22 Lisa Chlebowski
11/24 Carol Knapp
11/25 Marilyn Roth

12/2 Rick Mattern
12/3 Margaret Mohn
12/4 Barbara Master
12/4 Kathleen Bailey
12/5 Steven Fisher
12/6 Gloria Delp
12/6 Louise Fisher
12/11 Shirley Batdorf
12/11 Daniel Mallo
12/12 Robert Immendorf
12/13 Christina Ohnsman
12/15 Dale Kuhlman
12/17 Judith Copeland-Walck
12/18 Cody Sokolovich
12/20 Galen Hill
12/21 John Boyle
12/25 Tyler James Chelbowski
12/26 Francis Deitrich
12/26 Peter Copeland-Walck
12/26 Jennifer Cavallo
12/28 Betsy Majewski
12/29 Shirley Hamsher

Interfaith/Ecumenical Connections – We are a unique congregation when it comes to our work with others. We have welcomed 5 other congregations to nest in our building:

Path of Holiness (a Pentecostal Spanish Language Congregation)

All Soul’s (an Ecumenical Catholic Congregation)

Shalom 7th Day Adventists (Spanish Language)

In His Hands (a 12 Step gathering)

Iglesia Pentecostal El Neuvo (a Pentecostal Spanish Language Congregation)