Wednesday – 6:30pm – No Bell Rehearsal / 7pm – No Choir Rehearsal

Thursday – 7pm – Consistory

Sunday – Worship at 8am in the Chapel and 10:30am in the Sanctuary/ Adult Forum at 9am

Family Faith Formation – starts with lunch – done by 2pm.

Community Program at the Doubletree – 3pm – Does the Constitution Matter? Retired Judge Art Grim is our main speaker 


When I came to Calvary in 1999, I told the congregation that someday we would stop using paper for newsletters and deliver it by email and by posting it on our website. This is finally going to happen – now. If you don’t have email, we will send it in the mail, or if email doesn’t work for you, let us know, and we will mail it to you by snail mail. It is my hope that this accomplish a number of things:
1 – Save us money and the hassle of dealing with postal problems.
2 – Allow us to get the news to you faster and more often.
3 – Save some trees and help the environment.
Let us know what you think – we want you to be informed so that you can be more active in the life of the church. I look forward to your comments.



For those who are unable to worship on Sunday, there is a Bible Study on the first Tuesday at B2 Bistro in West Reading – 6:00pm for those who want to eat, 7:00pm for our interactive Bible Study.



•     Sunday, February 16
6th Sunday after Epiphany – Collect for Food Pantry
Thank you all for your donations!
8am Worship in the Chapel
9am Adult Forum
9:15-10:15 2nd Sunday Breakfast—Pine Room
10:30am Worship in the Sanctuary
11:30-3:30pm All Souls, Chapel & Heritage Room
4-7:00pm Path of Holiness, Chapel
6-9:00pm Live & Let Live Support Group, Pine Room
7:30-9:30pm IPEN, Children’s Bldg
•     Tuesday, February 18
7pm – Spirit on Tap at the Doubletree in Reading – “Dances for Universal Peace”
•      Wednesday, February 19
6:30-9pm NAMI Board Meeting, Pine Lounge
•     Thursday, February 20
7pm Consistory
•     Friday, February 21
4-6:30pm NAMI Peer2Peer Class, Pine Lounge
•     Saturday, February 22
10-3pm Shalom, Kitchen

A Special Holiday Collection for Bethany Children’s Home
Please consider joining us in helping youth who will be residing at Bethany Children’s Home this holiday season. Through your special gifts you will create new positive memories in their life. 
We kindly ask that all items are new. Suggestions are: Activity Items such as arts and crafts kits, adult coloring books, paint-by-number, tie dye kits, paint brushes, stress balls, gel pens, board games, Lego sets. Also, Cottage Needs such as small bins to hold toiletries, wash cloths, bed pillows, twin sheet sets, twin zippered waterproof mattress pads, twin comforters, bath towels, flashlights & nightlights. More suggestions: 1-5 reading level books, jigsaw puzzles, hard bound journals and board games. Gift cards to support independent learning skills: Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hobby Lobby and Ross.


Happy Birthday!


1/1 Louise, Grim                               7/24 Joan, Graeff    
1/2 Harold, Hamsher                        7/31 Ann, Kidd   
1/14 Joan, Hoge                          8/4 John, Master & Alan, Readinger
1/24 Shirley, Miller                            8/5 Patricia, Waltz    
1/27 Arthur, Grim                               8/7 Edwin, Guldin
1/28 Steven, Bennett                         8/15 Eleanor, Hill  
1/30 Margaret, Walter                        8/18 Jacqueline, Yeich    
1/31 Richard, Gilbert                          8/25 Patricia, Huyett    
2/4 Harrison, Rahn                             9/2 Jacqueline, Geiger     
2/11 Joyce, Covely & Anita, Matz        9/11 Patricia, Wolfe
2/13 Stella, Dunkleberger                    9/21 Ralph, Bailey
2/21 Emily, Hansen                              9/22 Elizabeth, Schaich
2/22 Doris, Rahn & Sandra, Angstadt  9/25 Geraldine, Zeiber
3/1 Larry, Strauss                                 10/5 Martin, Mohn Jr 
3/17 Gene, Waltz                                 10/8 Martha, Eubanks
3/22 Marcia, Reed                               10/9 Barbara, Kittrell 
3/25 Jack, Rothermel                          10/13 Thomas, Kidd 
3/28 Worthington, Fister      10/14 Elizabeth Geiger & Rosanne, Dell         
4/4 G. David, Schlegel                         10/17 Donald, Delp            
4/7 Margaret, Boyle                             10/20 Darlene, Cook 
4/12 Susan, Eckert                              11/4 John, Frymoyer
4/18 Elizabeth, Wolfe                          11/5 Nadine, Embree 
4/19 Dennis, Eubanks                         11/9 Phillip, Hall
4/26 Sharri, Northeimer                     11/10 Donna, Hall 
5/6 Gail, Sharman                              11/14 Judith, Masleh 
5/12 Jean, Gassert                              11/15 Sylvia, Andrulevich 
5/17 Jacqueline, Unger                      11/18 Nancy, Kuhlman 
                 &                                                           &
        Sylvia, Geise                                        Ann, Naugle
5/18 Iva, Weeast & Mildred, Berger       11/21 Jack, Gassert 
5/19 Russel S , Hummel                           11/25 Marilyn, Roth
5/20 Joseph, Andrulevich                        12/3 Margaret, Mohn
5/23 Catherine, Readinger                      12/4 Barbara, Master
                                                                        Kathleen, Bailey 
5/27 Milton, Embree                                12/5 Steven, Fisher
5/30 Deborah, Guldin                   12/6 Gloria, Delp & Louise, Fisher
6/7 Merlin, Conrad                                 12/11 Shirley, Batdorf
6/8 J.Sherry, Boone                                 12/20 Galen, Hill 
6/16 Dennis, Naugle                                12/21 John, Boyle
6/18 Larry, Rush                                     12/22 Sandra, Weidman
7/11 Betty, Corvaia                                 12/26 Francis, Deitrich   
7/21 Janet, Schlegel                                12/29 Shirley, Hamsher


Coming soon!   

Family-to-Family Education Program

Begins Tuesday, March 3 through April 21, 2020
Free 8-session education program for persons 18 years of age and older who have family members or significant others living with mental illness.
Class will meet 6:30-9:00pm


The Next 8 week Peer-to-Peer Education Program

Begins Friday, March 13 through May 1, 2020
Free 8 session course for adults living with mental health conditions.
Class will meet 1:30-4:00pm


To register please call: 610.685.3000                                            
For more information about NAMI please visit:                    

A Good Thyme For Life is the largest fundraising event to benefit Co-County Wellness Services. This annual event will be held from Tuesday, March 3 to Tuesday, March 10, 2020.
To view participating restaurants and for more information visit:


Fastnacht Fundraiser
Proceeds to benefit Centre Park Beautification Projects
Three days only – Saturday, February 22, 2020 to Monday, February 24, 2020.
For more information please visit:


Interfaith/Ecumenical Connections – We are a unique congregation when it comes to our work with others. We have welcomed 5 other congregations to nest in our building:

Path of Holiness (a Pentecostal Spanish Language Congregation)

All Soul’s (an Ecumenical Catholic Congregation)

Shalom 7th Day Adventists (Spanish Language)

In His Hands (a 12 Step gathering)

Iglesia Pentecostal El Neuvo (a Pentecostal Spanish Language Congregation