This isn’t Politics – this is Theology

Florida man (yes, this is true) in that state’s legislature is proposing a bill that would “Require course material and instruction on sexually transmitted diseases, health education or material on human sexuality to ‘only occur in grades 6 through 12,’ according to the legislation.” One aspect of the law would prohibit girls from discussing their periods with others in school. So, if a girl is being raised in a household that doesn’t teach her the facts of life and starts to bleed in school, she can’t ask for help? She can’t ask the nurse to explain what’s happening to her? It sounds ridiculous, but this actually could happen. The author of the bill has even admitted this could happen, but probably wouldn’t. Okay, boomer. This isn’t politics – this is theology.

What is it with this obsession over girl’s and women’s bodies that some men have? The need to control who they can love, how and when they can give birth, the circumstances under which they can have sex, and now, what they are allowed to say about a basic bodily function? This isn’t politics – this is theology. It is a theology that told its adherents that Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton weren’t allowed to have “dominion” over men. It is a theology that believes that men are in the image of God and women are in the image of men. It is a theology that believes women should keep silent in church and ask their husbands to explain things they don’t understand. It is a theology that blames Eve for Original Sin, which not only condemns us all to hell (unless we accept Jesus) but is the very reason for Jesus coming to earth. This isn’t politics – this is theology. And it isn’t just bad theology – it’s evil masquerading as faithfulness. Or as Jesus would say, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I have been sounding the alarm around this evil interpretation of Scripture for decades and have been largely ignored. Some people have actually told me that I’m not right in the head. That I should be careful when I say things like this because I won’t be taken seriously. Are you taking this seriously now? We have people in high positions in state and federal government making decisions based on their warped, evil, fringe theology, and it is all about hurting and controlling people – mostly girls and women – all over America. They are subverting the Constitution while many in their own political party are sitting by idly. I have one more warning: they will do everything in their power to control female bodies, and then they will start working on other religions and races. Like the famous poem by Martin Niemöller about the Nazis; they will come for anyone who doesn’t fit into their worldview. Because this isn’t politics – this is theology. And they don’t care who they hurt. If we don’t act, they will come for us. And there will be nobody left to speak up.

Prayer – Inspire us, God of all, to speak up and stand up against the religious tyranny that is consuming our country and the world. Amen.