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Developing as a Congregation and Community

Women are the Devil?

I noticed it when I watched Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" almost 20 years ago. Satan was portrayed ...
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I did my time

I was 24 and serving my first congregation, and one of the tasks that position held was as chaplain of ...
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You Are Loved – Part 2

I had the privilege to once again speak with a group of teens and tweens about God; this time, it ...
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Every Knee Shall Bow?

Many of you know that one of my greatest concerns for our country - for the world - is the ...
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Truth or Lie

I like to know things and I like to be correct in my facts. I've spent many years and dollars ...
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Do You Think I’m Going to Hell?

My friend and I were home from college for winter break one year, and he picked me up to take ...
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I was raised on classical music, but I have always loved rock. My favorite bands growing up (and still) are ...
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Wrapped in Our Own Bubbles

I have friends and acquaintances from all over the country (and some outside) with all kinds of views and opinions ...
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Religious Extremists

About 7 years ago I presented a program at a local venue titled "The Cancer of Fundamentalism". From the title, ...
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Jesus is my everything?

I blame Abraham. If you know me, you know that I have great antipathy towards Abraham. I think he is ...
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