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Developing as a Congregation and Community

More Thoughts and Prayers? 

As we continue to mourn and yell and weep in the aftermath of yet another school terrorist shooting, we are ...
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Honest Leadership

A recent article in Christianity Today cited a study that looked into Generation Z and their relationship with the Church ...
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Guns (again)

It is one of the most disturbing stories in the Christian Scriptures, and every time I read it in church, ...
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Public Pornography

Justice Potter Stewart said in 1964 (about pornography), "I know it when I see it." The quote was actually given ...
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Balanced Christians

I grew up in the era of the program-focused Church. I was trained to look at the demographic, both in ...
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Mean Christians

I know that I have been touching on this topic somewhat in recent thoughts, but I think it deserves some ...
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Trouble in Paradise

This morning was one of those rare days when I woke up and didn't have a topic in my head ...
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This isn’t Politics – this is Theology

Florida man (yes, this is true) in that state's legislature is proposing a bill that would "Require course material and ...
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Using Religion to Insult Others

I have been a wrestler since I was 14. From Jr. High through post-college competition, I have always loved the ...
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It’s all how you define it

Last week I posted that Jesus was, in many ways (but not in every way), woke. I define woke the ...
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