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Developing as a Congregation and Community

What is it actually all about?

It can be frustrating to be constantly bombarded about issues that we feel have nothing to do with us, or ...
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The Morality of Immigration

I don't know anyone who wants open borders, i.e. - "let anyone come into our country without any restrictions or ...
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God Bless America? Why?

I have heard it from the lips of politicians and church people for my entire life, and I have always ...
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Nobody’s Born a Bigot

It is one of my favorite memes/posters/images: two small children, one white and one brown, hugging each other and smiling ...
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Grow Up Already!

Having been a United Methodist for my first 15 years of ministry, going before a United Church of Christ congregation ...
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Life’s Too Short

Most of us say it - life's too short. And I bet we mean it, sort of. If you work ...
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– Laughing at the other’s misfortune

I was playing softball with a group of classmates in the Spring of my Sophomore year in college. Being left-handed, ...
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Women are the Devil?

I noticed it when I watched Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" almost 20 years ago. Satan was portrayed ...
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I did my time

I was 24 and serving my first congregation, and one of the tasks that position held was as chaplain of ...
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You Are Loved – Part 2

I had the privilege to once again speak with a group of teens and tweens about God; this time, it ...
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