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Developing as a Congregation and Community

The Grinch Wasn’t Wrong (Revisited)

I was going through some of my past thoughts, and I saw one that I wrote exactly two years ago ...
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Part of the problem

A local Reading business advertised a Christmas Brunch recently. I like brunch as much as the next person, especially when ...
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Advent Isn’t For Weaklings

Every year we clergy (and many laypeople) engage in the tug of war in church over how much Christmas we ...
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In many churches, it is a time-honored practice to witness in worship. It is a simple process - when moved ...
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Things ain’t what they used to be

It was a surreal conversation; I was at a gathering of UCC pastors and lay leaders from our county, and ...
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Things are always more complicated than they seem

The first time I was in a real wrestling match was in the 7th grade. I wasn't involved yet, but ...
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What is Evil?

Two things have happened in my orbit this week that have intertwined in my mind in a serendipitous way. The ...
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Look at Me!

I often hear people my age complaining about older Gen Z and younger Gen Y - people 15-30 - in ...
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The Bishop’s Wife

A year after "It's a Wonderful Life" made its lukewarm debut, "The Bishop's Wife" (1947) was released with much fanfare. ...
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Zoom Bible Study

7:30-8:30pm ,most Mondays
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